The Aircraft Icing and Aerodynamics Research Group, directed by Professor Michael B. Bragg, performs research in fundamental and applied aerodynamics and flight mechanics. The group has a long history of research on the effect of ice accretion on aircraft aerodynamics and control.

Much of the research is funded by federal agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA as well as various industry partners. The experimental research is performed in the wind tunnels of the Aerodynamics Research Laboratory on campus as well as wind tunnels at NASA and internationally.

See the links on the left for more information about the members, current research, wind tunnels and recent publications.

Racing Wheelchair 3D Model in Tunnel Supersonic Aftbody Model Electric Airplane Testbed

Racing Wheelchair Research

Research conducted by the Racing Wheelchair Aerodynamics Design Team was recently featured in an article on

Exp./Comp. Study of 3D Swept Wings with Ice Accretions

A study funded by the FAA to examine the effects of ice on three dimensional swept wings using a typical commercial airliner wing design. More information on this project is located here with additional pictures found here.

Aft Engine Nacelle Bypass Supersonic Experiment

A Gulfstream/Rolls Royce experiment on the supersonic flow through an annular engine bypass duct in the University of Illinois axisymmetric supersonic wind tunnel. Learn more here.

Versatile Electric Propulsion Aircraft Testbed

A joint project with Rolling Hills Research Corp., funded by NASA Dryden, to research existing electric aircraft for use as a electric propulsion testbed. Additional information here.